iPhone SE vs. iPhone XR: Features Compared

Though Apple doesn’t affirm these specs, the iPhone XR has a bigger 2,942mAh battery compared to the iPhone 8 Plus’ 2,675mAh battery. While the iPhone X is discontinued, Apple will continue to sell the iPhone 8 (in addition to the twin-camera toting iPhone eight Plus) alongside the iPhone XR. Indeed, you’ll be waiting on the iPhone XR slightly, with Apple not starting pre-sales for its LCD iPhone until 19 October with availability from 26 October. For the entry-level 64GB iPhone XR, you’re taking a look at $1,229 outright, whereas the upper storage 128GB model will command a $1,299 value and the highest end 256GB mannequin will value $1,479.

Side-by-side with an iPhone eight Plus, the iPhone XR does look better in my view. You can also faucet on the display to wake it (good for checking the time and notifications) identical to on the iPhone XS; that is something you’ll be able to’t do on the previous iPhones 8 and another iPhone with an LCD display screen, for that matter. The iPhone 8 and iPhone XR each share a single rear digital camera, the place the fancier models have dual lenses to help justify their stiff value factors. The huge differentiator you’re likely to use most on the iPhone XR is the flexibility to interact portrait mode without a secondary lens. Apple’s gone down a path trodden by phones such as the Google Pixel 2, using a single lens and a few AI smarts to create an artificial depth of field impact in portrait mode photographs.

With its gesture navigation, animated emojis and face unlock, the iPhone XRensures that you will be extra acclimated to the most recent traces of iPhones than with the iPhone eight Plus at simply $50 extra. It has a superb massive display screen in a comfortable body, fast performance and wireless charging, in addition to a camera that’s mostly pretty much as good as theiPhone XS. We’re at present in the midst of changing our battery test methodology for telephones, and we examined the iPhone XR with a brand new streaming video check. (For reference, the iPhone 11 clocked thirteen hours and 52 minutes.) Last year, when we tested steady video playback on Airplane mode, the iPhone XR averaged 19 hours and fifty three minutes.

With the announcement of the new iPhone eleven and the subsequent drop of the iPhone 8 Plus’ cost to $429, it’s a much more engaging device. Now, for $170 less than a 64GB iPhone XR, you may get a 64GB iPhone 8 Plus. While the XR has a larger display, better digital camera, and longer battery life. It’s onerous to say if all that equals almost $200 of added worth. It’ll be up to you to determine if the XR’s better chip and fun colours is enough to sway you away from the iPhone eight Plus.

iphone 8 vs iphone xr

The frequent issue between the Apple iPhone XR and the Apple iPhone eight is the use of LCD screens, rather than the marginally fancier OLED displays you will discover on the Apple iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, and certainly, 2017’s Apple iPhone X. LCD is an older technology with typically much less vibrant colour than OLED, though Apple has been more exact with colour balancing on its LCD panels than many producers up to now.

In comparability, the iPhone 8 Plus lasted thirteen hours and 45 minutes. This discrepancy is probably going because of a bump in battery capacity for the XR.