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Samsung wants me to pay for service and repairs. I just attached my ice and water last August 2019 and for the last four months ice machine frequently freezes over. Please add me to the lawsuit as well our Samsung refrigerator is about a year and a half old. We began having issues with the ice maker about six months after buying. Thought high water strain was making the ice spill over.

Judging from all the online reports, this is positively a big problem for Samsung. I’d like to affix the swimsuit as nicely.

Samsung refrigerator should be JUNK. I even have the identical problem with model RF28R7351SG that was purchased in December, ice maker freezes up beneath and it goes to the back where it lastly jams the dispenser mechanism. Called Samsung, they needed to make certain it was properly leveled, which it’s. Went to Lowes, they mentioned I was just like the 14th person to recently have the same grievance.

Verified ice make water fill valve would fill the ice maker. Checked all connectors on control board. Verified ice make bucket full sensor and emitter have been working.

The entire cause I finally upgraded the home equipment was as a result of my older non-Samsung refrigerator had an ice maker exit a number of instances. Now I still have ice maker points, how irritating.

We bought a Samsung flex fridge and had points with the ice maker like others. It’s a neat fridge, however… The first time the ice maker concern occurred, I manually defrosted it a few instances to thaw out the icy mess within the ice maker. As you all know, it’s time consuming and luckily we now have plenty of coolers and a again-up freezer that had house. We ultimately had the ice maker changed and the service man informed us it’ll occur again. Not a couple of months after replacing the ice maker, it froze over again.

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First began operating out of ice, going surfing discovered to do “FD” compelled defrost. purchased and put in NEW ice make.